WELCOME to Queer Wandern

The information that follows is aimed at English-speaking visitors to Berlin, or English-speaking residents in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Who are we?

Queerwandern (Queer Hiking) is a group of LGBTQI people who enjoy meeting to share their spare time mainly walking in and around Berlin and Brandenburg. Walks vary from 10 to 30 kilometres (km) / 6 to 20 miles. Walking is not the only activity. There are guided city tours, visits to outlying towns and places of interest, in addition to museums and art galleries. Perhaps you are active in a similar group where you live. If so, you will know the format with the only change being that the activities take place in Berlin. Visitors to Berlin, and people who have been living in Berlin for only a short time, are very WELCOME to join in any activity.


Please note that you have to register to participate in any event. Registration usually closes 2 days before the event. If you want to join a walk on a Saturday make sure you register by Thursday evening at the latest, preferably a few days earlier. When you see “Anmeldung erbeten bis” in the programme, it refers to the deadline date for registration. You should register with the tour leader. There is a phone number, but please note that not all tour leaders speak English or other foreign languages. Some may have to contact another member of the Queerwandern for translation help. Because of this potential problem, Queerwandern asks you to register via e-mail -wherever possible-, and so avoid any misunderstanding that could happen by phone registration. Please tell the tour leader your name and how he could get in touch with you in case of necessary changes in plan on short notice.

Personal Responsibility

Every person taking part in an event does so by accepting personal responsibility for whatever might happen. Neither the group leader, nor Queer Wandern can be held legally responsible for anything going wrong on the walk / tour / event. Don’t forget to wear strong shoes / boots and take a rucksack with water, a snack and perhaps a small umbrella! Yes, it rains in Berlin even in summer.

Travel and Meeting

For tours in the Berlin area we usually meet at a train station and you will need to buy your own ticket Berlin AB or Berlin ABC as advised by the tour leader. When going on tours further afield the tour leader will buy the tickets for the mainline train or bus services in Brandenburg in advance and will split the cost among all participants. The usual place to meet other Queerwandern hikers then is in the first carriage of the train.

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